Oneirikon – Yannis Kyriakides
Raw – Anne La Berge
Assail – Anne La Berge

Memory Space

An hour long rendition of Alvin Lucier’s influential work Memory Space performed in a spatialized setting, where audience can navigate the space and choose to eavesdrop on the musicians’ audio score.

Christian Marclay portrait

Christian Marclay, a turntable pioneer and visual artist, explores connections between found materials of sound, image and text. These materials often stem from everyday life or popular culture. Marclay creates spaces where initial unity, meaning and purpose are lost and redefined by the generative powers of difference and translation. MAZE performs interpretations of the video scores Screenplay, The Bell and the Glass and the card-game Shuffle.

Foliage by Elliott Sharp

A new graphic score by American composer and improviser Elliott Sharp that plays with the boundary between imagined and real sound. Debris of conventional music notation is transformed into warped images that redefine time.


Revisiting work by some of the pioneers of experimental electronic music, Robert Ashley, Tony Conrad, Alvin Lucier, Annea Lockwood, Pauline Oliveros, and John Cage.