Trackers – Yannis Kyriakides
Raw – Anne La Berge
Assail – Anne La Berge

Alvin Lucier : Memory Space

An hour long rendition of Alvin Lucier’s influential work Memory Space, a piece where the performers re-enact the sounds of a space visited previously during a pre-established time. MAZE performs it in a spatialized setting, where audience can navigate the space and choose to eavesdrop on the musicians’ audio score, thus ‘mixing’ its own version of the piece.

Christian Marclay : Screenplay, The Bell & The Glass, Shuffle

Christian Marclay, a turntable pioneer and visual artist, explores connections between found materials of sound, image and text. These materials often stem from everyday life or popular culture. Marclay creates spaces where initial unity, meaning and purpose are lost and redefined by the generative powers of difference and translation. MAZE performs interpretations of the video scores Screenplay, The Bell and the Glass and the card-game Shuffle.

Annea Lockwood : Bayou Borne / Jitterbug

Annea Lockwood is a pioneer in using unedited already present sounds and forms in larger soundworks. She connects listeners/musicians to a place in a very clear way, inviting them to work with what can be found there. Often it is about natural places where things are changing all the time; places like rivers which are identified by their course and by who is stepping into them – bugs, fish, musicians – or by rocks that carry a history in their patterns that can be traced back to before we were born.
In Bayou Borne 6 musicians follow the 6 arms of the Texas delta to where they meet and flow into the ocean. In Jitterbug 6 duos are placed in the sound ambience of a river where they perform the textures of 6 stones that were found in that river.
In the way she creates scores from these phenomena she is opening up the world to us. But it is a world that is seriously under threat by human activity. This is where we meet the challenge of navigating our actions as musicians to be part of the natural world.

Tony Conrad : Slapping Pythagoras

MAZE performs a reïnterpretation of Tony Conrad’s seminal album Slapping Pythagoras. Conrad stood with La Monte Young at the basis of the Theatre of Eternal Music/Dream Syndicate, a collective playing long duration pieces in just intonation. Slapping Pythagoras was Conrad’s scorching answer to his former friend La Monte Young’s metaphysical musings around tuning – an onslaught of pitches against the ones favoured by Pythagoras and western classical music, in search of a radical democracy of voices.

Robert Ashley : Four In Memoriams

Robert Ashley – a pioneer in all things voice, opera, concept, performance – wrote a set of pieces titled Four In Memoriams that are reducing the four classic performance situations of European historical forms like Concerto, Quartet, Symphony and Opera,  to the bare essentials, forming four drone pieces that show four different internal textures.