MAZE Festival 2016

21 + 22 MAY — Splendor Amsterdam

Splendor opens its doors to the Amsterdam music collective MAZE who invite you to travel with them through their creative avenues of open structures, hybrid scores and radical concepts.

MAZE invites you to abandon yourself and choose one of many routes to listen to compositions that include video, computer graphics, city maps, newly invented notations and philosophic investigations. Following their adventures with the video scores of Christian Marclay in the Holland Festival, the conceptual compositions of Alvin Lucier that they released as the internationally acclaimed CD (Amsterdam) Memory Space and the maverick structures of Anne La Berge and Yannis Kyriakides in works that have been performed locally and at the Angelica Festival in Bologna, MAZE will be appearing at their weekend-long festival in Splendor with guests Peter Ablinger (DE) and Michael Pisaro (USA). The festival will also include performances of works by media artist Justin Bennett and composition students from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.

Peter Ablinger creates situations that put either extremely high demands or extremely low demands on his listeners. He calls his pieces “architectonic interventions” in space where each piece makes the listener aware that nowhere in a space can a tone sound the same. He creates a kind of open door, but nevertheless one that opens to an essential event in the phenomenon of music.

Michael Pisaro compares his music to plants in a field where one never actually sees the roots. That is, the growth of the plants somehow implies roots without having to make them visible. I’ve always been attracted to things that one knows to have a structure, but which at the same time can never present that structure as a totality. Long-take field recordings have this character: they clearly come from a place, but their shape in time is much more subtle than any musical form.

This festival was made possible by a grant from the Amsterdams Fonds Voor De Kunst.

Saturday 21 May

19:00 Discussion

Discussion with Peter Ablinger regarding his work and his Book of Returns compositions.

20:30 concert

  • Weiss/Weisslich 21 – Peter Ablinger
  • RAW for MAZE – Anne La Berge
  • Book of Returns, MAZE version – Peter Ablinger

Sunday 22 May

16:00 concert

  • Royal Conservatory student composition using video as a score: I Track You Sometimes – Andrius Arutiunian
  • Discussion with media artist Justin Bennett
  • Blueprint for MAZE, a video score – Justin Bennett

19:30 Performance/Discussion

Here (2/3) by Michael Pisaro played by Dante Boon and Reinier van Houdt on two pianos, followed by a discussion with Michael Pisaro regarding Wandelweiser and his music.

20:30 concert

  • Royal Conservatory student composition using video as a score: Ink – Yael Levy
  • festhalten/loslassen – Michael Pisaro
  • Oneirocriticon for MAZE – Yannis Kyriakides


  • Michael Pisaro – composer
  • Justin Bennett – media artist
  • Peter Albinger – composer
  • Samuel Vriezen – discussion host
  • Yael Levy – composer
  • Dante Boon – pianist
  • Andrius Arutiunian – composer
  • KHZ Kollektiv – electronic ensemble


  • Concerts: €12,50 / €10 (Splendor members) / €5 (students)
  • Festival Ticket: €30 / €24 (Splendor Members)