MAZE Festival

MAZE Festival 2022

sounding place / empty space


MAZE will perform 5 sets of music where space and time play major roles. The ring of Amsterdam, the architectural plans of Splendor Amsterdam, sound recordings from the city, acoustic phenomena and the space within a tone itself will play important roles. The adventurous ensemble BUI from Utrecht is a guest for both concerts and MAZE will premiere a new work by Fani Konstantinidou.

MAZE Festival 2018

Game strategies in music

SPLENDOR AMSTERDAM 18-19-20-05-2018

In a world that becomes more and more like a game environment, MAZE FESTIVAL explores interactive scores as a way of questioning and redesigning the relationship between musicians, composers and audience, using game strategies and interactive electronics. This is the third edition of the yearly festival initiated by MAZE Ensemble: six renowned Amsterdam-based musicians from contemporary music scenes including jazz, improv and experimental electronics. Featuring world premieres and other works by innovative international sound artists including Marko Ciciliani, Alessandro Bosetti, Alexander Schubert and Claudio Baroni.

MAZE Festival 2017


MAZE presents a festival dedicated to sonic textures and field recordings. MAZE’s guests are Okkyung Lee, the leading cellist from the New York improvised scene, originally from Korea and the Irish composer Barbara Ellison, who lives in the Netherlands. MAZE will also perform the whale song inspired Quasimodo by Alvin Lucier (USA), Jitterbug, a portrait of a fictive natural environment by field recording pioneer Annea Lockwood (NZ/USA), a live-streamed interactive work by Rebekah Wilson (NZ) and Wind Horse by the recently deceased founder of Deep Listening, Pauline Oliveros (USA). The evening will include the presentation of the recently released Unsounds LP, RAW, a piece composed for MAZE by Anne La Berge.

MAZE Festival 2016

OPEN STRUCTURES / HYBRID SCORES 21 + 22 MAY — Splendor Amsterdam

Splendor opens its doors to the Amsterdam music collective MAZE who invite you to travel with them through their creative avenues of open structures, hybrid scores and radical concepts. MAZE invites you to abandon yourself and choose one of many routes to listen to compositions that include video, computer graphics, city maps, newly invented notations and philosophic investigations. Following their adventures with the video scores of Christian Marclay in the Holland Festival, the conceptual compositions of Alvin Lucier that they released as the internationally acclaimed CD (Amsterdam) Memory Space and the maverick structures of Anne La Berge and Yannis Kyriakides in works that have been performed locally and at the Angelica Festival in Bologna, MAZE will be appearing at their weekend-long festival in Splendor with guests Peter Ablinger (DE) and Michael Pisaro (USA). The festival will also include performances of works by media artist Justin Bennett and composition students from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.