MAZE will perform 5 sets of music where space and time play major roles. The ring of Amsterdam, the architectural plans of Splendor Amsterdam, sound recordings from the city, acoustic phenomena and the space within a tone itself will play important roles. The adventurous ensemble BUI from Utrecht is a guest for both concerts and MAZE will premiere a new work by Fani Konstantinidou.

Saturday 26 November 2022
Splendor Amsterdam
16.00 and 20.00

16.00 – 17.30
Alvin Lucier: [Amsterdam] Memory Space (BUI & MAZE) 
Anne La Berge: Assail (BUI & La Berge) 
MAZE & BUI on location: John Cage’s Variations IV 

20.00 – 22.00
Fani Konstantinidou: Time is Not a Revolution (MAZE) 
Yannis Kyriakides: Orbital (MAZE & BUI) 
Tony Conrad/Reinier van Houdt: Slapping Pythagoras (MAZE) 

Anne La Berge – flutes, electronics
Gareth Davis – bass clarinet
Dario Calderone – double bass‬‬
Reinier van Houdt – piano, synthesizers‬
Wiek Hijmans – electric guitar
Yannis Kyriakides – synthesizers, electronics

Mees Siderius – ‬percussion
Lucas Kloosterboer – trombone
Koen Boeijinga – saxophones
Elsa van der Linden – saxophone