Amsterdam-based ensemble MAZE is dedicated to performing music that challenges the idea of fixed form and fixed listening perspectives. They work with pioneering composers to develop open scores, hybrid notations and performances.

They produce local festivals in addition to concerts, lectures, and discussion panels on the future of notation and composition. The exploration of new media for the creation of notation and scores, has been the focus of MAZE in the last years, seen in the work of members Anne La Berge and Yannis Kyriakides.

MAZE has collaborated with guest composers such as Christian MarclayAnnea LockwoodMichael Pisaro, Okkyung Lee, Peter AblingerBarbara Ellison and Alvin Lucier.

… the name MAZE couldn’t be more appropriate for this endeavour … gauzy webs form in the darkness, thicken and soon dissolve into other tentative textures … this is a very unusual interplay in which the unfolding of highly subjective personal dimensions invoked by each performer will have in turn its implications in the personal environments of the listeners: it’s like being written into a Jorge Luis Borges story …
Stuart Marshall, The Sound Projector.