Game and crowd  composition

Upload sounds to an ever-expanding bank of sonic spaces. MAZE/TRAIL adds them to a network which you can navigate through in endless ways. Play by choosing paths and listening to the soundscapes created by you and other users.

How to play

1/ RECORD a sound with your smart phone or any recording device

2/ DOWNLOAD the sound to your computer

3/ use the UPLOAD BUTTON in the game and load your sound file  from the pop-up menu: your sound is immediately added to the Trail. Use Mp3 format, files should be under 15 sec.

4/ PLAY by clicking the dots: you will travel from one dot to any one you select on the Trail, and then from that one to the next dot you select on the trail, and so on.

5/ LISTEN to the soundscape created by you and the other users. Go to ‘Next Trail’ to enjoy a new set of sounds.

No need to add a sound yourself to the game: just click the dots and listen.


credits: concept MAZE & Studio Isabelle Vigier interactive design monotone